Founded June 2010 For Scale Model Static, Electric and Sail Boats

ABC Application


Membership Application Form
Michael O’Day 832-640-1007
Date: ______________________
First name: (Printed) _____________________________

Last Name: (Printed) _____________________________
Birthday: __________ (Month & Day)   

Spouses Name: ______________ Birthday: _________(Month & Day)
Address: ___________________________________________________
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Home Phone: ____________ Cell: ____________ Work: _____________
Email address: ________________________________

T-Shirt Size  XXL___XL___ L___M___ Show qty desired in space.

**NOTE:   We are in the process of making “T” shirt designs and will determine cost at a later date.
This is your receipt for your Annual Membership Dues: $30.00 Cash.
Type of Boat or Boats:
1)  Year__________ Make: ________________

Model:___________________________Color: __________________
2)  Year__________ Make: ________________

Model:___________________________ Color: __________________

Please Note:  All applications are subject to review and approval by the KCC board. The board will contact the prospective member by mail regarding acceptance or denial of the membership application.
The above information shall be held confidential to the ADMIRALTY BOAT CLUB OF KINGWOOD (ABC) membership roster and will not be used for advertising or passing on to other groups.
Please initial each.
____I shall sign and adhere to the ABC bylaws.
____I shall follow the requirements of the Mission Statement for ABC.
____I the undersigned by my signature agree to all aspects of this application.
Mail check, signed Application & Bylaw s payable to:  “Kingwood Classic Cruisers”
Memo to: “Admiralty Boat Club”
Mail Check to:
Michael O’Day
1810 Ridgeway Trail
Kingwood, TX 77339-5600